Quietly Coffee - Allie & Lennie, Brazil 340g (12oz)

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Roasted May 7

Tasting Notes:

Creamy with Vanilla, Peanut Butter, and Apple Pie.
Minas Gerais, Cerrado Minerio
São Luiz.
Yellow Catuai.
Pulped Natural.
Maya at Crop to Cup

Notes from Lee at Quietly:

Allie & Lennie is an homage to my Grandmothers and is roast profiled to evoke all my early coffee experiences. Visiting them in small-town Saskatchewan, I can still remember the smell of their coffee mugs on the table. With generous portions of milk and sugar in the cups and served with an ever-changing bounty of baked goods like saskatoon pie, vanilla shortbread, or plum dumplings, this espresso roast is designed to embody the perfect combination of all these warm sensory memories. 

Allie & Lennie rotates with fresh harvests from our producer network but will always tell stories of my grandmother’s kitchens. It showcases those crops that taste like the pies, cookies, and treats that I will forever associate with a cup of coffee.


São Luiz Estate has a long agricultural history but its coffee story starts in the 60s when Manoel Velloso dos Reis planted the first seedlings. His son  Fausto do Espírito Santo Velloso took over and greatly expanded the operation and its focus on quality in the cup. Today, the farm is managed by Ana Cecilia Velloso and her brother Lucio. As she states, "Lucio and me are in charge of the management of the farm, with the responsibility of perpetuating this legacy through our young and innovative spirit, passion and enthusiasm".

Spanning nearly 1,270 hectares, a third of the farm is made up of several smaller coffee lots that intertwine protected forests and water reservoirs. Beyond this focus on environmental sustainability, they focus on ever improving processing and innovation. As Ana states, "we produce high quality specialty coffees based on a model orientated to the valuation of people, in a true and transparent relationship with our customers and in constant search for new technologies and process efficiency".

This is our fourth harvest from the wonderful São Luiz and the fourth time partnering with the importer Aequitas. Run by Yuki Minami, the group's mandate is to "foster equitable and transparent relationships by enabling connections between producers and roasters". As Yuki states, "Aequitas is Latin for equity. But she was also a goddess that meant justice, transparency and fairness. And this is what I wanted to do, I wanted to promote a fair trade for producers”. 

I think Allie & Lennie would both love this beautiful crop. It opens with a creamy sweet nuttiness that lands somewhere between peanut butter and brittle. There is a wave of chocolate that helps balance out the intricate but light malic acidity. The sweetness is the star with a syrupy cooked apple profile. The finish is long and full of caramel and toffee notes. True to Allie and Lennie, it is like a tray of baked goods jammed into the cup.