Hario My Drip Filter

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"It's like having a V60 in your pocket!"

The My Cafe Drip Filter is a pocket-sized all in one filter brewer. It conveniently fits over most mugs and insulated tumblers and is perfect for when you want to have a small amount of coffee (about 8oz) for an afternoon pick-me-up. With its compact design, you can have a small stack of filters tucked away in your office desk, alongside some filter coffee (no judgment if it's pre-ground in this situation) and you're ready to make some delicious coffee! Whether you don't want to be weighed down by coffee gear for your short camping trip, or you want some emergency coffee for when you travel in case you can't make it to a cafe, the My Cafe Drip Filter is like a little Pocket Coffee Hero that will always be ready to serve!


  • Capacity: 8-12g of Coffee
  • Fits Mugs between 6.5 - 8cm
  • Dimensions: 80cm W x 80cm H
  • Polypropylene and Polyethylene Filter
  • Paper and Polyethylene Handles
  • Made in Japan